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TeamTalk Applets Download Directory

These examples are distributed to show what can be done to build applications in and around TeamTalk. We would be happy to show you how to customize any of these sample applications for your own purpose or help you build your own application!

OneVote -
OneVote is a little voting application. It can be embedded as an OLE object in a Topic or run from the ToolBar. It saves its vote total to a text file and updates TeamTalk with a comment via DDE. Written in Visual Basic. Very useful for showing how to update a TeamTalk Topic from your in-house applications by automatically posting messages, or making requests. 9K, zip format. Last updated 1/31/95

PhoneMsg -
PhoneMsg is an automated telephone message form. It can be run from inside or outside TeamTalk (although TeamTalk must be running). Very useful for showing the operation of a simple form for capturing specific information to be shared in TeamTalk. This is one of the more common requests from our customers. 7K, zip format. Last updated 4/7/95

CypSend -
CypSend captures online information from Dow Jones News/Retrieval and places it in a selected TeamTalk Topic. This example requires our Cypress product and a Dow Jones account for testing. Very useful for showing how online information can be gathered and shared with a group in a TeamTalk Topic. An Internet version might be possible if there's enough interest. Visual Basic & TraxBasic, 32K, zip format.

HelpDesk -
The Microsoft Access/TeamTalk Help Desk Sample Application was written as an example of integrating an Access application with TeamTalk using Access Basic and DDE. Microsoft Access, 32K, zip format.

SupportLog -
The Support Log Applet provides a support log message form that will update a TeamTalk topic. SuppLog can be run from outside TeamTalk, from a Toolbar button, or as an OLE application embedded inside a TeamTalk topic. Borland Delphi, 109K, zip format.

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