Trax Softworks, Inc.

Arranging Software Evaluations

Most of our products are available for an evaluation period at no cost.

PC and Network Products

To begin an evaluation of TeamTalk, request an evaluation from the TeamTalk Download Request form and install it. A production version can be installed "over" the evaluation version in order to maintain any work you may have created during the evaluation.

Mainframe Products

To obtain an evaluation version of ESS, EdWord, or MailServer/390, begin by downloading our Standard Software License Agreement. This agreement contains a clause which supports a free evaluation period.

Fill in your company name and associated details. Fill in the details about your cpu, along with the price from our price sheets. Then have the appropriate person sign it and return to us via fax or postal mail.

Download the Software License Agreement.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please visit our Contact page and submit any questions or comments you may have.