Trax Softworks, Inc.

Trax Softworks Vendors Information

Vendors and Potential Vendors, Please read this before visiting or calling any of our offices.

We are happy with our current vendors and couldn't stay in business without some of them. However, from time to time we need to switch vendors or locate a new product or service we've never used before. Therefore, we do occasionally need the information provided to us by our current and potential vendors.

In order to make our business as efficient as possible, we decide what, when and where we will buy products based solely on our business needs. It is helpful to us to maintain a database of information about potential vendors and their products and services.


Please see our Requests for Quotation page for the listing of new products or services, if any, we are currently looking for.

Please visit our Contact page and leave your name and contact information along with a brief summary of your offering. Follow up by sending brief understandable literature via postal mail.


Please don't make unsolicited telephone calls, or visits to our offices. These are a waste of time for you and an interruption and irritation to us.

Please don't call or visit us and ask for the name of the person in charge of a certain function so you can call back later and act like you're returning a call. We've seen this before many times and we don't fall for it. We also don't fall for people coming to our door and claiming to be from "The Phone Company" and needing to look at our equipment. We see this about twice a month. We don't fall for it, and we are no longer amused by it.

Your Products

For some reason many vendors believe that their particular product or service can only be sold during an unsolicited face to face meeting with someone in our office. We have found that the guidelines listed on this page work just fine for all our needs including, but not limited to toner, office supplies, temporary help, package delivery service, and telephone service and equipment as well as everything else we buy.

If you follow the guidelines presented here, we will keep your name in our database of potential vendors.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Please use our Contact Form to leave us a message if any of these guidelines are unclear.