Zeus and Security Systems

A powerful feature of home automation is the integration with security systems. Zeus can be integrated quite well with any security system that supports the "X10" automation protocol. Security system like the GE Networx NX-8 and NX-8e with X10 are good examples when they are equipped with the X10 capability. This integration results in a more automated and robust deterrent system in addition to security monitoring and reporting functionality.

A major benefit of integrating Zeus with a security system is the ability to have Zeus act as a deterrent while the security system is armed and yet not bother residents when the system is disarmed.

Arming the System

The security system can be programmed to send an X10 command when the system is armed. This X10 command can be used as a "trigger event" in Zeus to run a Scene containing one or more actions.

A typical scenario would run some of the following actions depending on different conditions such as time of day, or daylight status:

System Armed

While the security system is armed, the status of the various Zeus condition flags can regulate how external events around the premises are handled.

Motion around the perimeter might activate a loud barking dog alarm, or turn on a music source, lights or other evidence of occupancy. The general idea is introduce some element of doubt into the mind of any intruder and scare away any potential threats before the security system is breached.

By integrating the security system and Zeus, the owner automatically tells Zeus when the premises is unoccupied and in an armed state simply by the act of arming the system via the keypad or vKey virtual keypad. Zeus can take appropriate action during this period. When the alarm is disarmed, Zeus can take a different approach when responding to various events.

System Disarmed

When the security system is disarmed, Zeus is again notified automatically. At this point, perimeter activity can be ignored or responded to with a chime, light, or other notification.

We have several customers who use various sound effects while the system is in the disarmed state to indicate outside activity. One customer uses various bird sounds and we liked that idea so much we used it in our own home.

Respond to Zone Activity

Any security zone activity can trigger a response in Zeus. Opening a door leading to the pool area, or opening a potentially dangerous window can signal Zeus to take some important action. A loud alarm can be sounded, a text-to-speech or pre-recorded verbal warning can be issued, or a lamp can be lighted and remain lighted until the situation is investigated and reset.

These are just a few ways Zeus can be integrated with security systems. If you have any comments or questions, please take a few minutes and fill out a comment on our Guestbook. We'll answer as quickly as possible.