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TeamTalk Version 3.0
Group Discussion Application

TeamTalk is a group discussion and collaboration application designed to enhance communication among workgroups or entire organizations. TeamTalk provides a graphical forum environment for groups of people working together on the network to share information and supporting documentation on their various ongoing projects and tasks. It can be used by anyone with access to the shared files.

TeamTalk provides support for a group of people, the "team," to interact with individuals outside the team. This can be used for customer support, sales, investor relations and similar applications where an organization interacts with its customers or the public.

Communications with these individuals may be via email, fax, or phone. For example, a company has a web site, with a link to "contact us". When a customer or prospect uses the link it generates a form or email, either of which becomes a TeamTalk append seen by the members of the team who can discuss the issue raised and then reply from TeamTalk.

Of course, TeamTalk may be integrated with a company's customer or prospect databases to authorize or track support.

Screen Shot
TeamTalk main screen

TeamTalk offers a unique way to share ideas and data throughout the organization: TeamTalk members communicate through named conversations, known as Topics. Each conversation appears as one continuous document instead of a list of messages; this provides a continuity not possible in bulletin board and e-mail systems. Comments can be typed directly into each individual topic, and, through TeamTalk's support for Microsoft's OLE, objects created in other applications can be included in comments. Any TeamTalk member can review and add to public topics, and they can join topics so they are notified of new additions.

Any member can easily create a new public or private topic and build the member list in a few minutes. TeamTalk organizes information and documents by topic in a hierarchical structure into as many levels as necessary. Thus, topics can get increasingly more specific. Since each topic has a separate membership, members monitor and read only those topics of interest to them.

Embedded Documents

Supporting documentation from other applications can be easily embedded into a TeamTalk Topic. Word processing files, spreadsheets, pictures, web pages, or even complete PowerPoint presentations can be included and shared in discussions. Embedded files can be displayed within the topic, or appear as links to the underlying files.

Integration with email

TeamTalk can be tightly integrated with email. Incoming email messages can be directed to any topic and any topic can be set up to automatically send outbound email to included outside users in TeamTalk discussions.

TeamTalk's email-enabled features can be used with existing email systems that support industry standards for the exchange of email. Or, TeamTalk also has embedded direct support for POP3 and SMTP mail, so it can directly send and receive email without the need for any compatible email system to be present.

TeamTalk can examine incoming email and route it to specific topics based on rules, such as originating or destination email address or domain name. This allows the site to designate specific email addresses or web links to be handled by designated groups. All of TeamTalk's existing capabilities to maintain flexible groups within an organization can be applied.

Externally started threads

An incoming email may start a new thread. Discussion appends within this thread will optionally be sent to the external originator.

Topic Return Address

Each topic may optionally have associated with it a specific return address. If this is not filled in, a default return address for TeamTalk itself will be used. This allows the external participant (customer or client) to reply to the email they receive and have it automatically routed back to the appropriate topic and thread.

Custom Applications

In addition to the OLE support mentioned above, TeamTalk also supports DDE. This allows customers to customize TeamTalk for their own specific purposes. In-house procedures written in any language that supports DDE can post or retrieve information from TeamTalk. Voting applications, customer support tracking, and shared calendars and just a few potential applications.

TeamTalk also has its own basic-like scripting language for further customization. Custom macros can be written that link to various functions within TeamTalk such as creating or sending a comment.

Private Topics and Emoticons

For confidential conversations, TeamTalk offers private topics. Only topic members know they exist and can review them. A customizable "sticker bar" is available, for including small graphics in comments that help convey the tone of the comment.

Many Other Features

The newest version of TeamTalk contains improvements for database reliability and recovery. TeamTalk will run on any network that supports file sharing. TeamTalk will run on Windows 95 and any newer versions of Windows.


TEAMTALK PRICES - Effective September 1, 2001

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