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TeamTalk Evaluation Download
This directory contains an evaluation version of TeamTalk. The evaluation version is a fully featured version of TeamTalk suitable for evaluation. It has no limit to the number of users, and no time-out date. It will cease to function after 500 comments have been added to the discussion database.

TeamTalk Applets Download Directory
The files available for downloading in this directory are little samples of add-in applications ("applets") for TeamTalk. They are especially useful for showing how your own in-house applications can be integrated with TeamTalk. You can tie in group collaboration to your Inventory or Accounting system for example. This reduces the need for your organization to re-write existing systems in Notes just to gain group discussion and information sharing capabilities.

Some of these samples are a little "rough." They frequently contain little or no error checking, comments, or documentation. They are meant to be used as examples or starting points for your own applications using a variety of techniques including DDE, and OLE. Although, some of them can be installed and used as-is.

Mainframe Software License
Here you will find our Standard Mainframe Software License Agreement. You can download this agreement for review or to arrange an onsite evaluation of one of our mainframe products.

This directory contains a changing list of one or more whitepapers relative to different aspects of our business.

Please see our Evaluation Information for details on arranging a trial of this product.
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