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MailServer/390 Information Overview

MailServer/390 is the best way to manage your Internet mail

Product Description

MailServer/390 is a System/390 CICS-based SMTP Internet email gateway and POP3 server. This integrated email system supports PC and 3270 clients and links with LAN-based systems and PC-based POP3 compliant clients. Remote users can send and receive mail simply by connecting to their home mailbox through any ISP. This provides a single, unified, easy-to-implement method of sharing mail between diverse computing platforms, including company intranets and the outside world via the Internet.

MailServer/390 provides an SMTP service process that runs under CICS. Inbound and outbound messages reside in VSAM files delivered to either mainframe users via 3270 interfaces, LAN email systems (e.g., Lotus Notes Mail, cc:Mail, Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Exchange), or POP3 clients (e.g., Microsoft Exchange, Netscape, Eudora, Pegasus). MailServer/390 makes mainframes full participants in TCP/IP email systems.

For more information about the email and personal productivity features of MailServer/390 visit the Electronic Mail Functions page, and for more information about the SMTP and POP3 components visit the SMTP Gateway pages. Read a story about BookServe's use of MailServer/390 in an e-commerce application and how CNF Services solves a common problem. Sign our Guestbook and request a free copy of our Mainframe Internet Email Whitepaper to learn more about implementation of a CICS based SMTP mail system. MailServer/390 Prices and Full Documentation are also available online.

Electronic Communications - A New Way of Life

Electronic mail communications have become the lifeblood of modern corporations. How many times have you heard the phrase, "I don't know what we did before electronic mail?" It was only a few short years ago when most of the people in your organization did not have access to electronic mail. Maybe you had PROFS users and a few pockets of Notes users, but nowhere like the demand for mail which exists today.

In some organizations, there are government or industry requirements for oversight and archiving of all communications between your employees and your customers. These types of requirements have made implementing Internet or intranet mail communications with customers or vendors prohibitively difficult to implent using de-centralized client/server architecture.

Now salespeople in the field and remote offices use electronic mail to communicate with colleagues at headquarters. Workers in the same building now use electronic mail to communicate quickly in writing rather than wait for regularly schedule meetings. Problems are identified and solved in a fraction of the time it used to take. Customers can communicate directly with their contacts in your company building long-term rock solid relationships.

Promise of Client/Server

There are any number of applications that are very will suited for client/server architecture. However, the high volume, process intensive, nature of a mail gateway and server application when coupled with the need for high reliability, uptime, and security begins to look more and more like the classic model of a mainframe application rather than a candidate for client/server.

As organizations learn how difficult, expensive, and unreliable client server applications can be, there is a natural return to the mainframe platform for high volume critical application needs. In addition the host mainframe can provide a level of security and archival capabilities not possible in distributed applications.


MailServer/390 provides the tightest integration between the Internet (or intranet) and any Enterprise email system. Tight integration means fewer 'hops', fewer points of failure, higher reliability and better ease of use.

System Requirements

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