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Welcome to Trax Softworks, Inc.

Trax Softworks develops high value sophisticated technology products for OEMs and End Users. We have a wide range of standard products which may be used individually or combined with others to create solutions to a variety of requirements for Business Communications and Collaboration, Customer Relationship Management, Telecommunications, Industrial and Home Automation, Electronic Entertainment, and even plain vanilla Data Processing. Our customers include numerous Fortune 500 Corporations, Small Businesses, Government, and individuals. We have been developing and marketing software and hardware since 1981.


Press the individual product buttons on the left for more information on Trax products for mainframes, networks, and PCs. TeamTalk® is a LAN based group discussion application suitable for use in Intranets and Customer Relationship Management. The client software runs on Windows machines and enables workgroups or companies to share information, ask questions, and collaborate about a variety of topics. Zeus Home Control™ is a Windows based home automation program, which controls off-the-shelf home automation controls. A shareware version of Zeus is currently available for download. ESS® and EdWord® are IBM mainframe-based end user tools for spreadsheet and word processing applications. MailServer/390™ is a mainframe CICS email client, SMTP gateway, and POP3 email server. OutPost® is a PostScript printer utility.


vKey™ 2006 Released in January 2006

vKey 2006 is a virtual keypad controller for home and business security systems. vKey provides access to security systems over a local network or across the Internet. vKey will automatically synchronize with the security panel the first time it is run. Visit vKey 2006 information and follow the registration link to download an evaluation version.

TeamTalk® 3.0c Released in January 2003

TeamTalk 3.0c is now available for customers and for evaluators. This version fixes some minor problems in prior releases.

TeamTalk® 3.0 Released in February 2002

TeamTalk 3 is now available! The new features are heavily oriented towards Internet and Intranet support (surprise!). "Hot Links" let you reference web sites within a topic easily and automatically. A new set of advanced, yet easy to use, email integration features let you use TeamTalk to handle support and correspondence with customers, investors or whoever you interact with via email, fax, and phone in a coordinated group effort.

Existing TeamTalk customers will find upgrade pricing on our online order form.

If you haven't tried TeamTalk yet, read all about it on our TeamTalk pages and download a free evaluation copy to try it out yourself.

Other Projects

In addition to currently available products, Trax has several other projects underway. We are currently working on an exciting game called Spaceguns™. And, there is Answeroo™, a telephone answering system under development at Trax. Visit the Projects links at the left to learn more about these upcoming new products and how you can participate in testing.

We offer Technical Support for our products via telephone, email, fax, or here on the web. We also provide sales support in the same fashion. Use the method most convenient for you.